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Welcome to the home of the Red Wing Athletic Association

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Red Wing Basketball Association

2017 3 on 3 Results                                       

Check out the pictures of the winning teams (file below) and the results.

Thanks to all the teams that participated and our sponsors!  Hope to see everyone next year!

Results by Age Group

4th & 5th Grade Girls 

1st place-Tigers

2nd place- Wildcats // 3rd place- Curry up and Shoot

4th & 5th Grade Boys 

1st place- Bluejays

2nd place- Stewie Wack // 3rd place- Ball Brothers

6th & 7th Grade Girls

1st place- Power Puff Girls

2nd place- #bethebeast  //  3rd place- Piranhas

6th & 7th Grade Boys

1st place- MN Magic

2nd place- Thunder Chickens  //  3rd place- Prescott23

8th & 9th Grade Girls

1st place- The Dream Team

2nd place- Irish and I Swish  //  3rd place- Triple Threat

8th & 9th Grade Boys

1st place- Byron Ballers

2nd place- Flint Tropics // 3rd place- Red Wing


How many wins will the Twins have this season?