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Mission Statement


The Red Wing Youth Athletic Association’s mission is to promote healthy athletic and recreational opportunities for the youth in its member programs.


These Red Wing athletic organizations are members of the Red Wing Athletic Association:  Red Wing Youth Basketball, Red Wing Soccer Club, Red Wing Fast Pitch Softball Association, Red Wing Youth Baseball, Red Wing Amateur Hockey Association, Red Wing Youth Volleyball Association, Red Wing Swim Club, Red Wing Youth Football, Red Wing Figure Skating Club and Red Wing Lacrosse.  Visit their sites by clicking the sport's tab above. 

Why Do Kids Play Sports?

Why do our kids play sports?  Check out this New York Times article by Mark Hyman.  We adults need to remember the real underlying reason youth get involved with sports. 

Intensely Vocal Parents Can Ruin Youth Sports

Here is a newpaper article from the St. Paul Pioneer press (July 27, 2013) regarding parents behaviors at youth sports. I hope you will read the article and remember why our children play youth sports. Check out the rules posted at a ball field in Maryland at the end of the article. Although this article is talking about baseball, it's content can apply to all the activities our children participate in. Dave Borgen, Community Rec Coordinator

A Coach's Perspective

A St. Paul School District coach has written a good article on sports and the high school culture. Here is a link to his opinion piece from the April 11 Star Tribune. I hope you will take the time to read his thoughts on sports and our kids. Keeping the proper perspective and remembering all the life long lessons sports can teach our children is valuable. Dave Borgen, Community Rec Coordinator.

Dr. James Andrews talks about Youth Sport Injuries

Here is a good article from noted sports medicine surgeon, Dr. James Andrews on youth sports.  His passion is to work towards preventing injuries in our young athletes.  This is a good read for parents and coaches.  Click on the link below.