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Field Information

Field Status is Displayed Here and Updated on to Main Soccer Page

Red Wing Facilities Calendar

Follow the link to the Facilities Calendar. Under Location Type select "Soccer Field" Under "Buildings" select “Outside Facilities” Under "Location" select the field by the Long Name used for facilities scheduling. A cross reference between the MYSA names and the RW facilities Long Name is below. Verify, and change as needed, the date under "Choose Month and Year". Click on "Check Availability".

Field Names - MYSA mapped to Red Wing Community Education Names (modified March 2017)

MYSA Red Wing Field Name Directions
RWS01 RWHS Soc 1 RWHS - Field 01 is located near the Prairie Island Ice Arena between the softball fields. Parking is available along Goodhue Street North or in the ice arena parking lot located at 370 Guernsey Lane.
RWS02 RWHS Soc 2 Full-sized field - The middle full-size field
The nearest full-sized field at RWHS has been divided into Soc 3/North and Soc 3 South.
RWS03 RWHS Soc 3S Soc3/South - small sized field
RWS04 RWHS Soc 3N Soc3/North - mid sized field
RWS11 AP Anderson SOC1 The mid-size field at AP
RWS12 AP Anderson SOC2 The small sized field at AP near the horseshoe pits
RWS13 AP Anderson SOC3 The small sized field at AP nearest the old playground
RWS21 TBMS Stadium Track The field within the track at TBMS
Twin Bluff Soc fld (Bach) On Hay Creek Trail near First Covenant Church

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